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 Filtering Diagrams

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Emperor Aquatic
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Bringing clean water through to your pond....

Understanding pond filtration just got easier. Explore the multitude of diagrams of pond filtration. By exploring the options to configuring a pond filtering system and product brand names, it will make it easier to select and purchase your pond equipment best suited to your budget and needs.

Whether you are upgrading your Koi pond filtering equipment or planning your first pond, here you will find solid solutions that "will" provide excellent pond filtering and ease of use. 

Cutting corners on filtering equipment may cost you a larger investment later on when you loose some or all of your Koi fish. Clearly, money and frustration are saved when you install a filtering system right the first time, even it if costs a little more to buy the best.

Select Pond Filtering to learn more about filtering equipment, layout and their benefits. 

This diagram provides diversity in where the water is  drawn from. 

(Learn more about Glass filters and U.V. lights by selecting them on the menu.) 

This web site was created to help those interested in learning more about the options and plumbing in filter equipment. Take some time and explore the pond filtering systems and diagrams. The following diagrams show valuable U.V. Light plumbing features to assure controlling the proper water flow through the U.V.

Use of a reducer valve will create back pressure diverting a controlled and measured amount of water flow through the Emperor Aquatic U.V. Sterilizer. The more the reducer valve restricts, the more increased flow is measured by examining the flow meter. (Learn more about the benefits of Emperor Aquatic Ultra Violet Lights by selecting menu item U.V. Filter.)

Use a 3-way valve to adjust the flow rate. Once again, we can monitor the flow rate visually by looking at the flow meter.

Return from the U.V. Light can be a separate pipe to the pond or plumbed back as shown.


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Pond Filtering has improved! 

The quest for the perfect filter has been foremost on the minds of koi hobbyists since the hobby first began. Anyone who has been around this hobby for anytime is well aware that the only thing koi hobbyists enjoy talking about more than koi fish is koi pond filters. When visiting a pond it is almost routine for the owner to show you his filter system. Having a really good filter system is right up there with having a beautiful show quality fish when it comes to "showing off". Using a GCTEK Bead Filter in a well designed system will enable you to have crystal clear water clear to the bottom of the pond. Even when it is over six feet deep.

Glass Filters

For those that really want to kick it up a notch to extreme crystal clarity, add on a True glass bead filter from SkagiTek. It's sure to be a jaw dropper when you see just how clear water can become! Click here.

Pond Pumps

Pond pumps run 24 hours a day and 7 days week. Since electricity is a cost factor, it makes more sence to pay a little more up front to buy a better pump that costs less to run. This will save you money each month and often pays for the pump during the first year or so. PerformancePro pumps are our top choice in serious quality pumps. More Info

Pricing Equipment


Pond Supplies!

Looking for almost anything you need for your Koi and pond needs? Visit! There you will find articles and plenty of pictures to help understand pond design. 

Need ideas or help with your design?

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