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Bead Filter

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Our bead filters not only performs great, they're also easy to use.    



The bead filters today have several big advantages:

* A small footprint. They only require about a four foot square area at most.
* Remarkably easy to clean. With the new blower systems you can thoroughly remove all waste collected once or twice a week by simply turning a switch. The whole process can be done in about 4 minutes while you are in your suite.
* The large biological capacity (the ability to convert ammonia into nitrates) can be remarkable. This can allow you to stock more fish in your pond if you wish.
* They are easy to install.
* When you consider what your time is worth and how long it can take you to build a "gravel filter" it may turn out that the bead filters are not as expensive as they seem.
* The end results are amazing!!! The ease of use, no mess and all resulting in outstanding water clarity. Why consider any other filter?
* ZERO risk! The guarantee has no hidden fine lines. We offer and stand behind it 100%. You must be happy, and you will be!


After reviewing this site, call with your questions or to place your order.

Pond Filtering can be improved by installing a Glass Filter! 

Adding a Glass filter behind the bead filter will result in polished water! Crystal clear!

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