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Glass Filter
Skagitek's True Glass Bead Filter

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Our glass filters are designed to operate in conjunction with a bead filter. It is designed to operate as the next filtering stage that is located behind the bead filter.

The results are amazing! Since the bead filter is performing any needed mechanical and biological filtering, this filter traps all the remaining tiny particulates that may have passed through the bead filter. This results in water that is not only crystal clear, but has a "sparkle" to it like drinking water.

True Glass Beadsvs Brand B Crushed Glass

True Glass Beads

Skagitek Pressure gauges

Pond Polishing Filter Comparison

True Glass Bead Filter Laterals

True Glass Bead Filter clear dome lid


A unique head design reduces loss of the glass media during back washing. To easily access the glass media, just unscrew the top. (30 sec.)


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