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             POND FILTERING

Optimizing Koi pond bead filtering systems

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Bringing clean water through to your pond....

For larger ponds, adding additional filtering components is necessary. Advanced filtration systems lessen the stress to fish by increasing mechanical and biological filtering. The following plumbing diagrams will provide you with a clearer understanding and show each filtering component laid out in the sequence in which it should be installed... 

Ponds 7,000 - 13,000 Gallons

Using 55 gallons drums for settling tanks can work well provided bottom drains are installed and the flow rate in each barrel is 1800 GPH or less. This permits the particles or particulates of crud from the bottom drains to settle to the bottom of the tanks.

2BD2S2V-2PFGL - Defined: 2 Bottom Drain, 2 Skimmer, 2 Vortex - 2 Pump, Filter, Glass, Light
This design not only has two settling tanks, it also uses two pumps in sequence. One pump forces its output into the intake of the next pump. Using two 1/4 hp. pumps to push 4900 GPH at 2.7 amps. is cheaper to run then one 1/2 hp. The 1/2 hp pump is rated at 7500 GPH and would draw 5.6 amps. Having two pumps also adds a margin of safety should one pump ever fail. The filter system would remain active. For ponds over 9,000 gallons, will need two 1/3 hp pumps...

The above diagram also has two returns to the water feature. One from the U.V. light, the other from the filter. This will help increase the flow a small amount as compared to reconnecting them together in one return to pond line. 

Note also the flow meter location on the output of the U.V. Light. Knowing and controlling the flow through the U.V. is critical to it actually performing the job right. Better to be too slow then too fast.

Duel Vortex Settling Tanks

Using two Nitritech vortex settling tanks are much easier to install then building the above 55 gallon drum settling tanks. Be sure that they each have their own drain valves.

Note the location of the three way valve after the Vortex tanks. This permits flow control to speed up one since bottom drain piping may be a longer distance to the furthest drain. The closer bottom drain would flow faster. Using the valve to match flows is critical and it can be used to shut one or both down if needed. Shutting one down will increase the flow and flush the bottom drain pipes. This should be done no less then once a month.

An option to plumbing the two pumps above should be considered. Installing a 3-way valve permits the option to turn the power off to one pump when not needed. Incase of a pump failure, this design would also help.


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Ponds 13,000 - 15,000 Gallons

Use two filters and one glass bead filter. Maximizing the biological filtering and performing it efficiently with less head pressure can be done with three 1/4 hp pumps. (See diagram below)

Ponds 15,000 - 20,000 Gallons

Consider using one bead filter (Outlined in diagram above) supplied from a 1/3 hp pump. Then use one bead filter and one glass filter supplied from two 1/3 hp pumps. Also note the green skimmer supply line to the single filter. Water from the skimmer is free of bottom crud and only requires minor mechanical filtering via the skimmer and the pumps leaf trap. 

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Our filters use the latest technology in filtration. Top quality  components and parts are used to build each filter. 

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